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FlickCalc Pro

4.4 ( 4224 ratings )
工具 效率
开发 Nobuo Saito
0.99 USD

FlickCalc is the calculator that touch keys like IME.
This application has the feature that large screen and large buttons, which combines a variety of usability.

- Flick input
You can input of a calculation by Flick.
You can call from the same buttons and functions, for example +, -, ×, ÷, and M+, M-, MR, MC, with similar purpose.
Without the need for the Fn key and if you have installed the normal calculator, you can also use functions such as sin and log.

- Calculation history is easy to check
I have adopted a normal text field, checking the history of the calculation is simple.
There is no limit to the history. Since they are saved automatically when you exit, you can see, even the result of before a week.

- Proprietary character selection
By selecting a calculation history, you can calculate the sum in the range, or average, variance.
Formulas and calculations, so that this result also holds, is very convenient.

- Complex support
Calculator that supports one of the few iOS, √ -1 = i, a complex number.

- Wise parentheses
If you want to insert a parenthesis, and then automatically complete the missing parentheses.
Complements as well If you do not have enough in the calculations.
You dont encounter SyntaxError to due a mismatch of parenthesis.
It is also possible to insert a parenthesis in the middle of an expression.

- Variable functions
Two variables x, y are available. You can determine when calculated to include these, or to assign what later.
If there are multiple occurrences of the same formula in the formula is very convenient.

- Important to confirm the action
Operations and memory, delete all of history, such as clearing in the calculation of SyntaxError, the operation is important alerts are always displayed, you can cancel those.

- Functions and constants can be created
The flick of from 1 to 3, you can record your own functions and constants that you define.
Can be recorded and gravitational acceleration, a combination function, to customize your favorite calculator.

- Clipboard monitoring function
Solve the formula for 10 minutes work in the background, has been copied to the clipboard, and displays the results in the notification center.
When you start the application again, the formula will be displayed.